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Software Testing Services

Software testing is the process of fault/bug finding in the developed software solutions/products. This process intends to make the software solution robust and bug free to give required functionality as desired. It also checks whether the real outcomes can match expected results, as well as aids in the identification of defects, missing requirements, or gaps.

Testing is very important step before the pushing the product/solution to the market. It includes proper examination, reasonable analysis, manual/automatic observation, and evaluation of different aspects of a product/solution.

Digitalyuga's professional approach for software testing is a combination of manual testing with automated tools. We follow world class software testing standards and assures for the defect free solution through our testing process. After conducting tests, the testers report the results to the development team and development team asks to test again after performing appropriate fixes. The end goal is to deliver a quality product to the customer, which is why software testing is so important.

Importance of Software Testing:

  • 01Identifies defects early,
  • 02Improves product quality,
  • 03Increases customer trust and satisfaction,
  • 04Detects security vulnerabilities,
  • 05Helps with scalability,
  • 06Detects compatibility with different devices and platforms,
  • 07Assures for fault free business operations,
  • 08Offers competitive advantage and saves money.

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