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Software Maintenance Services

"Software maintenance is as important as software development for the smooth functioning of any business which is computerized". It is the process of regular functionality improvement and correction of faults after delivery. Achieving perfect solution for any business is not possible in just one go, so it can also be treated as ongoing process for any developed software solution modification and updation.

There are so many circumstances like change of environment, change of technology, change in volume of users, emerging requirements, expansion of business and many more, to increase performance, bug fixes, patches etc. makes the software maintenance process very important for your business. Typically software maintenance fees are a small percentage of overall development charges paid on a regular intervals like annual or monthly basis.

To upgrade your business productivity and functionality through software maintenance services. We at Digitalyuga offers a broad spectrum of services and identify different approaches to innovate software applications and at the same time add flexibility to your business solutions. Our team of experts constantly work on adaptive and preventive measures so that your key concerns are addressed and your business can yield better productivity.

With our below software maintenance services, you get to stay ahead in this competitive world of business:

  • 01Performance monitoring and improvement,
  • 02Bug finding and fixes,
  • 03Adapt to a changing environment,
  • 04Scheduled database backup,
  • 05Risk management,
  • 06Compliance assessment,
  • 07Security checks and support,
  • 08work on customers feedback.

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