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Key Features

  • 01Comprehensive student records management – From the time of registration till the time of student leaving the school,
  • 02Highest security at User Level, Module Level & Form Level,
  • 03Academic Results for Students Throughout Sessions ,
  • 04Strong Reporting system with all the details on finger tips,
  • 05Exporting of various reports to MS Word, MS Excel, Pdf, And Acrobat etc.,
  • 06Complete Financial Accounting/Inventory Management and Transportation,
  • 07Very easy built-in Backup & Restore utility to keep you secure from loss of data,
  • 08No need of special training program, any one can learn within few interactions, and many more…


  • 01Accessing information from paper files is a difficult task,
  • 02Improper means of exchanging information between various departments,
  • 03Lack of interconnection between departments,
  • 04No quick or easy way to keep the records of students and staff error free and up-to-date,
  • 05Wastage of hundreds of hours by staff each month manually entering information or performing administrative tasks that could be handled automatically such as evaluation and generating results,
  • 06Lack of accuracy in maintaining the financial records such as Fees, Salary and Expenses,
  • 07Lack of automation in calculating fee balances or to find Fee defaulters,
  • 08Lack of automation for computing the staff's salary,
  • 08Lack of easy means or quick way to access old records,
  • 08Administrators spend too much time in creating Time-Table and in daily assigning the substitutes for free periods,
  • 08Easy school helps in managing the whole institution as a single cohesive unit running off a single integrated database combining students, staff and management.