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School Management Software

Easy School, Seamlessly integrates information and presents it in the desired format, helping increase the productivity of the school staff. It also helps the school management in maintaining proper control over the functioning of the school, take better informed decisions and enhance the image of the institution.

School management software with education resource planning tools which helps educational institutions to save cost & time in administration and provide integrated system for data driven decision making, Easy School offers long term saving potential to the schools in terms of money, resources, men & time , It integrates all the departments of a school so that they work as one organization and not separate identities , Single Database Server System – Easy to maintain and administer.

Key Features

  • 01Comprehensive student records management – From the time of registration till the time of student leaving the school,
  • 02Highest security at User Level, Module Level & Form Level,
  • 03Academic Results for Students Throughout Sessions ,
  • 04Strong Reporting system with all the details on finger tips,
  • 05Exporting of various reports to MS Word, MS Excel, Pdf, And Acrobat etc.,
  • 06Complete Financial Accounting/Inventory Management and Transportation,
  • 07Very easy built-in Backup & Restore utility to keep you secure from loss of data,
  • 08No need of special training program, any one can learn within few interactions, and many more…